In the survey, participants were asked to select up to 20 film albums composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal for a desert island scenario. In addition, they could also optionally select up to 20 songs (exclusive to their selected albums).

Milan and Utsav claimed the top spot as the DI tracks of L-P. Interestingly, they are separated by about a couple of decades. Top 10 is interestingly divided beween decades. 60s have 5 of the top-10 albums; 80s have 3; 70s two. Dosti, one of their earliest scores, is not surprisingly the third most favorite.


* Total L-P movies (included in the survey): 484
Someone pointed out later a movie which we missed - Dhun. It was a 1992 movie starring (and launching) Talat Aziz. I hope there was no other ommission.

* Number of movies selected by at least one participant: 147 (30%)

Out of these, 46 movies (~10%) were selected by one participant each.

There was also a lot of difference of opinion. No movie was an overwhelming favorite. The top favorite movies were selected by less than 65% of voters. And only 7 albums were in the list of over 50% voters.

* Movies selected by...
over 65% participants: 0
over 60% participants: 3
over 50% participants: 7
over 25% participants: 24
over 10% participants: 52
less than 5% participants: 65

* Number of movies selected from...
1960s: 41 (27%)
1970s: 60 (41%)
1980s: 37 (25%)
1990s: 9 (6%)

1970s seem to have the most number of films in the final list by a good margin. Despite that, albums from 1960s were selected by slightly more voters than 1970s.

* Total selections of movies from...
1960s: 355
1970s: 343
1980s: 197
1990s: 37
(All selected): 932

* Top scorer movies (there were two) were selected by: 33 (65%) participants
* Third best scorer movie was selected by: 31 (61%)
* Total additional individual songs submitted: 248 by 30 participants

Participants (51)

Abhay Jain, Abhijit Deonath, Abhijit Moholkar, Aditya Pant, Ajay Divekar, Ajay Poundarik, Ajit Rajwade, Ali Rashid, Amrut Khandale, Anand, Anil, Anshul Chobey, Archisman Mozumder, Arunabha Roy, Ashish Mitra, Asif Alvi, Bawla, Devang Mistry, Indranath Mukherjee, Jerry Harel, Jyothi Venkatesh, Kaushik Maitra, Kaustubh Prasad, Ketan, Mayur Puri, Meghal, N. Sridhar, Naresh Khattar, Noyon Jyoti Parasara, Pavan Jha, Qamaal Mustafa Sikander, Rajarshi Majumdar, Rajiv Vijayakar, Rakesh, Ramesh, Robin Bhat, S Ramanujam, Sachin, Sandeep, Shailesh, Shalini Razdan, Shashi Rao, Shekhar, Sivaprasad, Srijit Mukherji, Srinivas Ganti, Tabassum, Vasanth, Vijay, Vinay, Vishal

* Self-rating of participants with respect to L-P's music
Fanatics: 5 (10%)
Fans: 12 (23%)
Like: 15 (29%)
OK: 16 (31%)
Don't Like: 3 (5%)
No answer: 0 (0%)

* Number of movies and songs selected by each participant
Participants who selected 20 albums and 20 songs: 14 (27%)
Participants who selected 20 songs but fewer albums: 10 (20%)
Participants who selected 20 albums: 34 (66%)
Participants who selected 19 albums :): 5 (10%)

Over 75% voters selected 19 or more albums for their desert island trip. There were only 2 participants who selected fewer than 10 albums.

Participants who selected 10 or fewer albums: 2 (4%)
Participants who selected additional songs (valid entries only): 30 (59%)

designed, created and conducted by vinay p jain. march-april 2009.