'The winner, as clear as it can be, is "Baiju Baawra". It has an unprecedented popularity, getting selected by over 98% voters, or in other words of all but one (the one voter who did not pick it anyway selected only 5 albums and rated Naushad as "OK"). The next score "Andaz" is full 19% point behind the first, still getting an impressive 79% selections. The third most popular album is "Mughal-e-Azam", losing to "Andaz" by just one vote, getting over 77% selections. 40s, 50s, and 60s share one spot each on top 3. See scores.

The survey option - to select additional 15 songs - provides a rare insight into those desert island songs that normally remain hidden in otherwise obscure or less overall popular albums. Over 140 songs were chosen. See selected songs.

Thanks again to all participants for sending their entries. I hope everyone enjoyed it.


* Total movies included in the survey: 65

* Number of movies selected by at least one participant: 42 (65%)

* Movies seleted by...
Over 95% participants: 1 (all-time SurveykshaN record score)
over 75% participants: 3 (OPN: 9; S-J: 0)
over 50% participants: 11
over 10% participants: 29
less than 3% participants: 7

* Number of movies selected from...
1940s: 14
1950s: 11
1960s: 13
1970s, 80s, 90s, 2005: 1 each

* Total points scored by movies from...
1940s: 174 votes (25% of total votes)
1950s: 265 votes (39%)
1960s: 225 votes (33%)
(all selected: 681 votes)

Decade-wise 1950s seem to be, not surprisingly, the most popular period. From 50s although only 11 Naushad movies were selected (less than those from 40s or 60s), their combined score was higher than movies from 40s or 60s, which means that they appeared in lists of more people.

* Top scorer movie was selected by: 52 (98%) participants
* Second best scorer movie was selected by: 42 (79%) participants
* Third best scorer movie was selected by: 41 (77%) participants

* Total additional individual songs submitted: ~144 by 26 participants

* Total participants: 53

* Overall rating of participants with respect to Naushad's music in general
4 (7%) Fanatics
25 (47%) Fans
15 (28%) Like
5 (9%) OK
0 (0%) Don't Like
4 (7%) No answer

* Number of movies selected by each participant
8 (15%) participants selected all 15 albums and 15 songs
29 (55%) participants selected all 15
4 (7%) participants selected 7 or less
27 (51%) participants selected additional songs (valid entries only)

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